Sharing my carer voice

Sharing my carer voice

Who knows the daily reality of caring better than carers?

Who knows the daily reality of caring better than carers?

 It’s our lives on hold as we steer past the frustrations, stress, and isolation that caring can bring. Which is why it’s so frustrating when policymakers don’t listen to our experiences or shape services around our needs.

The Gloucestershire Carers Alliance, supported by Carers Gloucestershire, brings together young carers, parent carers and carers of adults to influence policy and improve services, leading to better outcomes for all carers.  

By bringing together cares from across the county, we have a greater chance of ensuring our voices are heard.  Our networks include forums for parents who care, as well as carers who look after adults. We use our time to consult on the big issues, share experiences, and push for better services and support for local carers.

Why not get involved?

Monthly meetings

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the monthly meetings and lunch hosted at Carers Gloucestershire in partnership with the Gloucestershire Carers Alliance.

Carers Rights Day

Our annual Carers Rights Day has at its heart the opportunity for carers to understand their rights and have the chance to get their views to the people who can make changes in the local health and social care sector. The event also includes group discussions, information stalls, workshops and a lunch.  

This year's event will be held on Friday 23 November from 10am.  

Please contact us on 0300 111 9000 or email Mairi Mills for more information.