Challenging Behaviour Project

Challenging Behaviour Project

Helping you to manage challenging behaviour

The Challenging Behaviour project will support you and your family in whatever way you need - by working with you, your family and the person you care for on an individual basis.

What is the project about?

What is the project about?

Our Challenging Behaviour specialist helps families and carers across Gloucestershire who look after someone of any age who may have learning disabilites and/or autistic spectrum conditions and demonstrates episodes of challenging behaviour.  

Working closely with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, we work to ensure that families get appropriate support to understand the behaviour and how to improve the whole family's quality of life.

One of the ways that we offer support is through Positive Behaviour Support workshops that take place across Gloucestershire. 


How will I benefit?

How will I benefit?

The approach we take is individual to the family and can include phone calls and emails and a home visit if this is helpful. We can provide support by offering information, training, resources and signposting to other help available. 

Families who we have supported often say that the project has helped them by:

  • Speaking with our Challenging Behaviour Family Development Worker, a family carer who has real experience of the issues faced
  • Feeling more confident in dealing with issues that are experienced
  • Having guidance in accessing other support
  • Feeling you are not alone!

Next steps

We welcome referrals from individuals, schools and health and social care professionals. 

To have an informal discussion about how we can help, please call 0300 111 9000 and ask for Challenging Behaviour Family Development Worker, Dawn Rooke or get in touch via our Contact Form. 

The Challenging Behaviour Project is funded by Gloucestershire County Council and the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, working in partnership with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

Dawn has been a continual support for my family for many years, she has attended many meetings with me and is full of valuable information and advice.