Caring for a child or young person

Caring for a child or young person

Information, support and guidance for parent carers

If you care for a child with support needs, you probably think of yourself as just a mum or dad. But did you know our services are available to all carers - including those who look after children or young people?

After Tiana’s birth, I walked from the hospital into this new world where my child was labelled as ‘special needs’ and I had become her ‘carer’.

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So if your son or daughter is under 18 (and in some circumstances under the age of 25) and has a learning disability, additional needs or mental health issues such as depression or addiction, we can guide you towards the information and support we offer or signpost you to local resources and services that may help.  

If you need to talk, then call us on 0300 111 9000, and we will arrange for one of our friendly and experienced carer advisers to call you back. We are open from 8am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and until 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

We may also arrange to do a parent carers assessment so we can get a full picture of your caring responsibilities.

How we can help:

How we can help:

  1. Information, advice and guidance on key issues such as social and healthcare processes, benefits, and access to grants (where appropriate)
  2. Signposting and referring to local services and resources
  3. Deal with challenging behaviour through tailored advice, including managing anger training sessions, resources and fact sheets
  4. Counselling delivered by professional therapists who understand the pressures of caring
  5. Help to find existing support groups or set up and maintain new one
  6. Carers’ assessments and home visits so we fully understand your day to day caring role
  7. Attend a positive caring course to learn more about caring, or sign up for a one-off topic session 
  8. Support to get back into work, education or training
  9. Days out to recharge your batteries and meet other carers.
If your child has special educational needs

If your child has special educational needs

Our SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service) provides information and advice to parents of children with special educational needs. We can help you play an active and informed role in your child or young person’s education. We can also liaise with experts from the educational sector on your behalf.

For advice from our SENDIASS team, visit the website or call us on 0800 158 3603.

Get your voice heard

Get your voice heard

If you would like to be involved in consultation about services, policies and strategies that affect you and your family, you can join the Gloucestershire Carers’ Alliance. It’s a chance to get your voice heard and flag up any issues you may be struggling with.

Share your views as a carer