Connecting carers

Connecting carers

Carers often find they don’t have much time for hobbies and interests. That can lead to a drop in confidence and feeling isolated and lonely. We’re here to help you get out of the house, try something new and meet others with caring responsibilities. Our Connecting Carers scheme aims to connect carers with activities, support and other carers in their local area.

Building supportive communities

At Carers Gloucestershire, we want to get carers out into their communities. We believe inclusive and supportive communities are key to stamping out loneliness – a key issue for carers. Being part of a strong community also makes us more resilient and better able to cope with stressful situations such as cuts to funding and services.  

Our ‘carer communities' are not always based on geography. Instead, they bring together people who share similar thoughts, feelings and experiences about their caring role. Carers use their own life experiences to help and advise each other. We’re there to share the good times and offer a shoulder to lean on when life gets tough.


Are you from the Forest of Dean or Tewkesbury?

Connecting Carers is a pilot project in the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury. Our ‘community builders’ are out and about in these areas, meeting people, explaining what a carer is, and signposting carers to vital support services.

 We raise awareness of care issues in our wider communities to help carers feel supported and understood by the people who live around them.

Out and about

If you live in Tewkesbury or the Forest of Dean, we can help you get out and enjoy activities in your local community. It’s an opportunity to meet others, try something new, and have fun.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a yoga class but feel nervous about going alone. We can link you up with someone to go with.

Or perhaps you want to make new friends, but your caring role makes it impossible to get out of the house. We can introduce you to another carer who can come to you for coffee and a chat.

We’re also working in the background, helping local groups, services and institutions make their community activities more accessible to carers.  

Half of Gloucestershire’s carers feel socially isolated because they are often stuck at home.

How to get involved

How to get involved

If you feel lonely or isolated and live in the Tewkesbury or the Forest of Dean, get in touch, we can help.
Call us on 0300 111 9000 or use our contact form.