Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Our vision

Our vision is quite simply 'A better life for carers', one where they are recognised, supported and valued in their community

We believe that carers should be able to:

We believe that carers should be able to:

  • Enjoy mental and physical well-being and be treated with dignity.
  • Undertake their caring responsibilities without financial hardship.
  • Be recognised, respected and involved as an equal partner in care.
  • Have a fulfilling life, engaging within their communities as they wish.
  • Have a significant influence on policy making and planning for services that have an impact on carers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide practical and emotional support to improve the health and wellbeing of carers, ensuring they are empowered, supported and valued in their communities.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is underpinned by four key objectives:

  • Extending our Reach
    We will ensure that anyone becoming a carer or anyone knowing of someone becoming a carer is aware of Carers Gloucestershire in the knowledge that they can turn to us for help and support if needed.
  • Achieving Outcomes
    We will help carers to achieve their desired outcomes, helping them to meet their needs through the provision of good quality services and support that are shaped and informed by carers, responsive to their changing needs and accessible by all carers in the county.
  • Empowering, Informing and Influencing
    We will provide the necessary support and guidance to empower carers to have an effective, strong and independent voice that informs and influences policy making and service planning as it relates to services affecting carers.
  • Ensuring Sustainability
    We will be an effective, well run charity demonstrating value for money attracting commissioners, funders and supporters both financially and/or with the commitment of their time.


Our Values

Our work will be informed by and responsive to carers, ensuring the services and support we provide continue to meet the needs of carers, today and in the future

We will take a leading, proactive role in the development and improvement of services for Carers.

We will not compromise our independence which is vital to us being able to effectively represent and support Carers.

We will work in partnership with other organisations in a coordinated way to effectively meet the varied and diverse needs of carers.

We celebrate diversity and will to be inclusive in everything we do as both an employer and service provider.

We will provide good quality support and services to meet the needs of carers, looking to continually improve and develop and share best practice.

Our staff and volunteer team is our most valuable asset. To recruit and retain good people we need to be recognised as a good employer.

We recognise we are dealing with public money and challenge ourselves to make effective and efficient use of resources and open ourselves to relevant scrutiny.

We have a responsibility to the wider community to consider social, economic and environmental issues in our decision making.